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About Persalt

Persalt supplies durable and high-quality reverse osmosis & ultrafiltration membranes; and ion-exchange resins designed for water and process applications.

We offer high-performance and low fouling RO & NF spiral wound membranes with smooth surface features and uniform particle size (IX) ion-exchange resins with high capacities for a diversity of separation processes. We also offer our UF modules with TIPS fibers and no liquid backwash.

Through the WeROcycle ™ concept, we are the unique membrane supplier to manage its membranes disposal through element recycling.

We have the flexibility of customizing RO/NF/UF membranes and IX resins to meet your specific process requirements.

Persalt also offers technical and sales support with a timely response to customer requests worldwide.

Experienced professionals

We have engineers with more than 35 years of in-depth field and product experience in liquid separations technologies.

Products and services you trust

All products are manufactured under the most rigorous quality standards to guarantee the highest performance and durability in the field.

We serve all industries

We serve industries as oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, mining, pulp & paper, energy, sugar & alcohol, municipalities, and more.

Our products


Persalt’s spiral wound membranes with Low Fouling and LPD (Low-Pressure Drop) features and capillary UF modules are robust and durable.

Ion Exchange Resins

We provide the most effective, certified, and uniform particle size ion exchange, adsorbent, chelating, and catalyst resins in the industry.


Persalt offers various technical services to membrane and ion exchange system users through experienced water treatment professionals.