For decades traditional membrane manufacturers have generated thousands of tons of plastics waste.

Membranes for industrial and municipal water treatment applications are disposed to landfills after 1 to 5 years of use. Given the resistant nature of chemicals like polymers, this gradual breakdown can take years to complete. Some plastics, for instance, are estimated to require approximately 450 years to decompose in a landfill.

As part of Persalt's innovative solutions strategy, we have created a recycling concept, WeROcycle ™ (Reverse Osmosis Membranes Recycling).

We are the unique membrane supplier to manage its membranes disposal through element recycling. Persalt follows the extended producer responsibility practices essential for protecting our environment.

When you buy a Persalt membrane, besides acquiring a high-quality product that matches or exceeds competitors' performance, you also promote safety for the environment. You will reduce your costs and additional troubles with disposals.

Please contact your Persalt's distributor for more details about how to proceed to return used elements for recycling.

Let's care together about the environment through WeROcycle ™!

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