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Persalt seawater RO membranes reduce desalination costs while offering high salt rejection rates and productivity in the industry.

PMSW-4040LF & PMSW-400LF elements are low energy consumption, low fouling, low-pressure drop that minimize colloidal foulants, and reduced chemical cost cleanings.

PMSW-440HR elements offer a higher active membrane area and the highest salt rejections for the best permeate quality.

All types of PMSW membranes have standard spiral wound configuration and can replace any membrane brand for existing or new RO systems.


Persalt brackish water RO membranes serve several industrial and municipal applications with high salt rejection rates.

PMBW-4040LF & PMBW-400LF elements have low fouling with a smooth surface and LPD (Low-Pressure Drop) features that improve membrane cleaning efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase membrane life.

We also offer an extremely low fouling membrane, model PMBW-400XLF, with an innovative smooth surface for wastewater treatment and water re-use applications.

Elements PMBW-440HR have 440 sq. ft membrane area, reduce capital costs once require fewer pressure vessels and floor space for new projects.


PMES elements are for applications that require high productivity and high-quality permeate water. These membranes work with low feed pressure, saving costs on energy consumption.

PMES2-4040LF & PMES2-400LF membranes have low fouling and low-pressure drop technology that prevent colloidal fouling and improving chemical cleanings efficiency. As a result of these benefits, PMES elements reduce operational costs and prolong membrane life.

PMES2-440HR offers capital cost saving due to the 440 sq. ft active membrane area.

Elements PMES4 require lower feed pressure than PMES2, offering the highest flux and high salt rejection.


Persalt offers mini elements for residential and small lab equipment, removing bacteria, viruses, and chemical compounds, improving home water quality.

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