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Persalt supplies ULTRAflow™ & ULTRAflow™ MAX, ultrafiltration modules using state-of-the-art TIPS fibers, achieving high flux, less maintenance, cleaning flexibility to restore performance due to unexpected fouling, and longer service life.

This unique polymeric fiber has a dense crystalline structure that is permanently hydrophilic, having the following features:

Unique surface with an exact pore size & narrow distribution

Permanent hydrophilicity

High mechanical strength

High oxidant (including ozone) tolerance

Unparalleled alkalinity resistance (≤5% NaOH)

Wide adaptability to various feed waters

Improved membrane permeability

The ULTRAflow™ & ULTRAflow™ MAX Persalt UF membranes do not utilize a liquid backwash as is standard in the industry-leading to reduced CAPEX and increased overall recovery.

The modules provide superior performance and high removal capability for viruses, bacteria, suspended solids, colloids, and pathogens from water. They are an excellent choice for reverse osmosis pretreatment.

Product Certifications

1. California Department of Public Health

2. NSF/ASNI 61 Certification

Plug & Play Competitors' replacements

Persalt offers an additional product line of UF modules. The PMUF-2860, PMUF-2880 and PMUF-620A as replacements, to provide customers who use UF products made by other manufacturers.

Customers that use UF technology do not need to replace their modules with the original brand. Now, you can change the modules to better products and eliminate the competitive process.

The PMUF-2860, PMUF-2880 and PMUF-620A modules are with an outside to inflow path and drop-in, plug & play replacements. These modules utilize our best-in-class fiber technology enabling customers to upgrade to the best products in the market.

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